Monday, 21 April 2008

Warming up for InfoSec

It's that time of year again and I'm up in London for the annual InfoSec show, which I expect to be pretty much the same as RSA, only much more English. I'm up here pimping the new business and talking to every encryption vendor under the sun about how to sell stuff over here.

I was also really excited to be approached by the CTO of Secerno last week, who I have talked about at length in these posts previously. I'm looking forward to meeting him and having a full debriefing. I actually had one last year, but I have to admit to being faintly confused by it at that time. Now I understand what it's needed FOR, I should have a much better chance.

I'm expecting an awful lot of 'we solve PCI' drivel, plenty of virtual this and consolidated that. But also lots of Jericho Forum, data centric security and all the stuff I like actually being there at last. I may well just go and gatecrash the JF party and take a look at Mark Curphey's keynote. Mark very kindly invited me to lunch before Christmas, and I had to stand him up at the last minute, we never did catch up. Perhaps I can buy him a donut to make up for it?

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