Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Infosec 2008 - Day 2

It's been a hot and sweaty day again, and I've just about lost my voice from talking, so retreated back to the hotel early before my internet access is cut off. At £15 a day, I'll probably wait until I get home tomorrow to finish off my postings. So, no shock news there then, London is still a rip-off.

I don't think I'm going to get much more mileage out of being here to be honest. The show is better this year than it was last year, more interesting, more focused somehow. Less marketing rubbish about PCI, more facts. It's like people are respecting the fact that most CIOs/CISOs know what they are looking for here, and it's not a shiny marketing bastard in a suit. Like RSA was.

Still, I put on my shiniest suit (courtesy of British Airways - thanks Willie, I'm a big fan of your money) and trudged out to the show in the pouring rain this morning. Due to being 9am, the hall way nice and cool, and everyone remarked on how nice it felt not to be melting like yesterday. "Oho, you wait until 2pm", I said. Behold and lo, it is now 3pm and the rest of the shiny suited bridgade are sweating away in the conference centre whilst I cool off in my hotel room.

So what of today? I met up with my old boss and MD of Kinamik, Christophe Primault and went to see Bruce Schneier's talk about Security Theatre. It was all very clear and well thought out, but I couldn't help spend my time thinking "I could do that". I guess we're not so dissimilar, except that I am a foot taller, 100 pounds heavier, 10 years younger and 10x stupider. For those of you trying to work out my height, weight, age and IQ - 31, 210, 130, 110 - the numbers are approximate, the order randomised, and the units I am not telling.

A quick meeting with another old boss, Colin T from Vormetric, then off for the highlight of my day, lunch with the editorial team from InfoSecurity Magazine, Eleanor and Helena. These fine young ladies were on the same flight as me to San Francisco last week, and ended up in the same hotel in Shannon overnight. I joined them for breakfast and, well, the rest is history that you can follow in blog form here. We talked BA, InfoSec and near-death experiences. I feel a kindred spirit with them to know we could have met a hot and grazed end together. I have offered to write some unbiased, level-headed, insightful articles for the magazine, so hopefully I'll be able to find some on Google if they take me up on it.

Since then, it's all been hand shaking and telling people about my new venture. Hence why I've lost my voice... must go and wash my hands.

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