Thursday, 10 April 2008

Being vindictive

During the biggest security conference of the year, my blog has somewhat given way to the less interesting story of lost luggage, as that is what has occupied my time more than anything security orientated. I'm more than a little annoyed at that myself, and next week I will be making this known to BA in no uncertain terms. Yesterday I emailed Willie Walsh himself, and the director of operations for T5, and the marketing director for BA as a whole. Today I have emailed a friend on the BBC Ten O'Clock News team, the editorial desk of the Times newspaper, and the Sun just for balance and coverage. Who knows if this is still newsworthy, but I'm not letting them get away with this.

One person I must mention in particular is Chris Elliott of - the travel troubleshooter. I found him purely by chance through Google whilst searching for Willie Walsh's email address - it's the one I printed in my spoof email yesterday, by chance. I hope no bots go screen scraping it from my blog and send him spam, as that would be awful, but so be it. I emailed Chris on the off-chance he could help me as well, and he's been a star. He has already helped a number of people claim against BA, and said that if I'm having problems with them, he has 'a few tricks up his sleeve' to help out.

I can't wait. Thanks Chris, you've given me a new reason to be happy today and perhaps now I can get on with my work.

I promise you, no more stories about luggage, unless I get on the telly.

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