Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Post script for the week

When we stopped in Ireland on Sunday, I managed to get down to breakfast very early before the buses left for the airport. My wife hates breakfast, so I went solo and friendless. I wandered, bleary-eyed into the bar area and took various fried fare to a free seat at the end of a table.

There were 2 tired-yet-presentable girls, sorry, ladies, at the table, and I asked if I could sit. They said I could and we struck up the most basic of conversations, centering on what we were missing in San Francisco already. It turns out that these ladies were none other than the editor and marketing person from Infosecurity Magazine. I was so bleary at the time that I can't actually remember what I said, but it was of no consequence. I thought about this chance meeting later on the plane and realised I'd probably missed an opportunity, but I'm not sure I would appreciate being solicited over breakfast, and decided on balance I'd made the better choice not to talk too much.

I popped by the Infosecurity Magazine stand yesterday to catch up with these ladies, see if they'd had their luggage yet and ask if I could write something for them - now I'd thought it through and we'd all had some sleep. Nothing to do with the fact that they're pretty young ladies of course. Sadly the two I'd met weren't there, but their helper on the stand said they'd be back at 2pm. I wasn't however. No, I was out doing rounds of the show again, looking for Anton Chuvakin (also very beautiful - you've seen the picture on his blog?) who said we should try and hook up, but I decided he probably wasn't looking as hard for me and headed back to the hotel to write more abusive emails to British Airways.
From: Me

Dear Willie,

You are a fat, hopeless git and your airline is a disgrace. Why won't you resign and let someone less incompetent screw things up for a bit?


Rob Newby

P.S. Where's my f***ing luggage, you moron?
Today, again whilst scouting for Anton, I stumbled across the Infosecurity stand, this time, Eleanor (Dallaway, the aforementioned editor) was there, and I managed to talk coherently for at least 5 minutes before having to run off for my free lunch with Gordon and Paul. I hope she will still get in touch in time to meet up at Infosec, especially now I've said such nice things.

I also hope Willie will drop me a line to explain where my f***ing luggage is, but I'm not holding my breath, now I've been so publicly rude.

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