Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Infosec 2008 - Day 1 AM

As always, Olympia is like a greenhouse in the middle of April, so I've dashed back to the hotel for some fresh air (inside the hotel obviously, London is outside). Whilst I'm here, I thought I'd get some stuff down so I don't have to ramble too much later.

I came in this morning and made a bee-line for the PKWare stand to see how they were setup. They have many sales people staffing the stand, and to be honest I'd be rather superfluous standing there as well. I'm still talking about them around the showfloor though as that's a much more satisfactory way of covering the show and picking up leads.

A quick stop to chat with Bobby Conway from NuBridges, put a face to the name and find out what they're up to. They were an Ingrian partner until early last year, but there were some problems there which I still don't know the truth behind and have no opinion on (yeah, right!). Suffice to say, they have a great i-series product, which we used to default to until the partnership disappeared. I hope they will talk to SafeNet again after the acquisition, as it would be a strong place for them to focus and could get far better coverage that way, for both parties.

As I passed back via the Secerno area, I stopped by to say hi to Steve Moyle, the CTO, who looked blankly at me when I said my name, and then smiled broadly and sat me down at the table to talk. I'm still impressed with these guys, they have taken a complex product that I thought did something great and turned it into something a lot simpler that seems to do just one thing well. At this stage I'm not sure if they haven't over-simplified it, but that may be just the thing to break into this market space right now.

The basic premise is that they will look dynamically for SQL injection type of activity, rather than using signatures or static files like a web-app firewall. I like this because it is more application focused and closer to the data. They also have a much more comprehensible GUI now, which is a relief, and good reporting, which is a necessity.

Back to the show for some lunch, then a quick poke around at some of the bigger boys this afternoon I think.

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