Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Crunch time

I don't imagine that this was all down to me. I emailed both of these guys to complain last week, so maybe the stress of dealing with me got too much for them and they quit, but more likely they are just bad at their jobs and were asked to leave. OK, I'll stop kicking them whilst they're down now.

I never wanted anyone to lose their jobs, I just wanted Britain and its Airways to look less crap. Maybe it will now. Maybe not.

I also hear that 40,000 city jobs are going to be lost in the near future due to the "fall out from the US credit crunch". I guess our recession is on the way. I still haven't arranged my re-mortgage on the house, a surveyor came round to value it yesterday whilst all our carpets were still up and the floors still damp. I may be looking at negative equity and living in a shoebox for the next 5 years.

It seems the only way I'm going to make any money at all is claiming it back from BA.

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