Friday, 11 April 2008

Do one job, and do it well (Mr. Walsh)

I know I said I wasn't going to refer to my luggage again, but I have to report a bit of a coup. I just had a call from the BA Executive Office, apparently Willie Walsh Himself 'was aware' of my email (not the one I posted here the other day, but another, more reasonable one). They are going to cover my expenses up to £800 - which will cover the $1100 suit I had to buy, and the various toiletries, plus today I get to pick out a nice pair of shoes to go with it. My wife is going to Nieman Marcus and Saks.

On top of this, we're getting an upgrade to Club Class on the way back, but it wasn't without a huge amount of complaint and emailing everyone under the sun. I'm flying home tomorrow and my luggage still isn't here. I've had a pretty appalling experience all in all and I'm certainly not going to be mollified by a few freebies, which cost BA next to nothing. I think they are scared that I will go to the newspapers, the BBC, and the courts. They'd be right.

So you want to hear about some security? I've been unimpressed. Apparently McAfee spent over $300k on a party on Tuesday night. This will just be for tax reasons I'm sure, but you can be sure as hell no-one will buy any antivirus because of it. Google had some coloured boxes out on stands. Why? Google, you are not a security company, please don't even try. I was pleased to note that there was always more staff than visitors on the stand. Microsoft, IBM, not sure what their messages were this year, although I'm glad to see more of a recognition of data security at last.

The small guys on the side booths, I don't know what they were there for. A hundred different products doing... the same thing. A couple of honourable mentions then for:
RedSeal, who I think have a nice product, which does a necessary job. Don't add any more features guys, and you have a great little earner. Do one job, and do it well, the security software mantra, one which Willie could learn from perhaps.

PKWare, who has something more than they are shouting about, completely the opposite of everyone else at the show, and very refreshing. They also don't have slicked back marketing monkeys in shiny suits.

Protegrity, I think they'll do well now SafeNet have swallowed up Ingrian. SafeNet probably won't get their messaging straight for a few months, giving Protegrity a clear run at the SME market where they can build their reputation.

Vericept, nice little start-up with great people. I'm a big fan, and will be talking about these guys more in future.

Secerno, I still like this lot. They're British and Paul Galvas, their PM in the UK is a very nice guy who I can happily spend time yammering away about data security with. DAM is clearly the way ahead, especially if you've just spent a wad on encrypting your databases. Sorry, they're still not secure.
There are a few more, but none really stands out from the crowd. I won't be so mean as to mention the ones I really don't like, but there are some out there which are pure marketing and vapourware. I was in competition with one when I worked out in Spain - data integrity product, you do the research - they have nothing, no product, just a load of cash from some particularly dodgy lawsuits. I can't say more publicly for fear of another one.

I saw their CEO at the show, slicked back hair and a shiny suit.

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