Thursday, 22 November 2007

What's happening to Data Security?

It's been a bad week for Data Security. First of all, on Tuesday, Alistair Darling, our illustrious Chancellor of the Exchequer, had to stand up and apologise to the entire country for losing 35 million records from HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs), our version of the IRS, and the NAO, or National Audit Office. Apparently it was down to 'junior staff' walking out with names on disks. Isn't it always?

Secondly, and I'm allowed to talk about this now, because, like EVERYONE knows already, NeoScale are in big trouble having put all their financial eggs in one MTI-shaped basket. Doh. Rich Mogull covers this better than I will even attempt to, and I'm slightly uncomfortable in knocking them, being as I am, in the same industry and working for a major competitor.

Things were looking up after Vontu were acquired, and I thought data security was in for another golden age, but maybe the message is still too bloody slow in getting across the Atlantic. Bad government in the UK is a given these days, it's why I left in the first place, sadly I had to come back. However, bad business management on the other side of the pond is really surprising to still see. I guess some tech companies are led by techies, and some are led by businessmen.

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