Saturday, 3 November 2007

On your doorstep...

I am. If you live in San Francisco that is. I'm staying at the Chancellor Hotel in Union Square all week.

More of my life story tomorrow, and maybe I'll pick another technology to write about now I'm here.

I was sitting on the plane opposite someone from Centrify, which is a technology I like very much, but he was too far away to strike up a meaningful conversation and I didn't like to say "I've been reading your PowerPoints over your shoulder" as an ice-breaker.

Maybe if someone from Centrify wants to get in touch I'll do something on them, but I'm meeting Kevin from Vontu on Thursday, so that might be a good one to follow up on too.

In San Francisco, the possibilities really are endless... but for now - I've just landed after a 10 and a half hour flight from London and an hour of driving around town looking for a way to the hotel. It's now 4am UK time. My head hurts. I need sleep.

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