Friday, 2 November 2007

7 Stages of Security Man - Part 3 - Confidence

I didn't particularly enjoy my time with the reseller, despite learning a lot about security. In fact, I think the fact that I wasn't enjoying myself was only saved by the fact that I really enjoyed the things I was looking at. The management was bad, I disagreed with the sales approach and my father ailed quickly. I was happy to get out, and planned to go traveling with my sister for a while, but as a last act of disappointment I was made to serve out my notice until the very last possible moment and missed the chance to join her in Monaco.
Thoroughly dejected, but full of interest in security and technology, I took a job as a network security administrator at a local MSP in Winchester, where I lived close to my mother who I had obviously worried about being on her own. The work was simple enough, but a fantastic ground for learning more about networks, security and most importantly, trusting people who I worked with. My boss at the MSP was a true friend, and has remained close ever since. He and his wife were at my wedding last year and we are still in regular contact.
I also had time to myself. I was doing shift work which allowed me to use the local gym in the mornings when everyone else was at work, or in the evenings before everyone got out again. I lived with a friend I had known for years, and we lived like students for a few months before we both stopped drinking. Neither of us has drunk again since for the good it did us! I also married his sister... last year sometime.
All of this lead to me becoming increasingly more confident with myself and in my abilities. My knowledge of the network became very broad, and my depth of knowledge in security meant that I was prepared for another challenge in the same area. I was beginning to get calls from recruiters (which now never stop), and when I got a call from Vormetric to be their SE in the EMEA region, I jumped at the chance.
They were interested in my previous experience with Ingrian of course, I was interested in the money. I'm still interested in the money of course, but now I also get to do a load of other stuff I picked up on the way too.

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