Monday, 5 November 2007


Well well well. What have we here then? It appears that everyone's favourite DLP company (apart from EMC/RSA of course) has been and gone and sold themselves to Symantec for $350m.

Sometimes fate deals you a good hand as a blogger, and it just so happens I'm in SFO for the week. Even more fortuitously, I'm meeting Kevin Rowney - founder of Vontu and newly christened multi-millionaire - for lunch on Thursday. I think I'll let him buy.

I have to say I think Symantec have got a pretty good deal, hopefully now Kevin will take some time to contribute more to our new venture, the datacentric blog. I also need to apologise to Rich Mogull for saying that he was wrong when Kevin denied all activity with Symantec last month. But I'll do that on Wednesday when we finally get to speak on the phone as I'm in the 'right' timezone for a change.

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