Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Taking a break

The rent on my flat in Barcelona is nearly up, and I've still got a few cupboards full of trinkets, and books. An unbelievable number of books. My wife is a reader, not in the sense that normal people are readers, reading maybe a book a week - which until I got married I thought was going it some. No, she will read a book a day, sometimes 2 or 3 if I'm neglecting her and working. I know Spain must have been hard on her (didn't understand the TV, and no-one else spoke English) because I now have to import the equivalent of the British Library back across Europe in a couple of suitcases.

Rather than making a few trips over and trying to ram it all in suitcases, which would take a thousand trips anyway, I'm going to take it easy and have a break. I've been in San Francisco, Paris, London, Manchester, Trowbridge (yes, there!) in the last couple of weeks, and I'm shattered. Frankly I don't want to take another flight, but I'm still paying for the flat in Spain, so I may as well make use of it. I'm still on call, but I'm going to tune out and drop off for a few days, try and recharge my batteries.

I've got to go to Norway and Gibraltar before Christmas (not to mention Runcorn) anyway and I need some sleep right now. Not sure Barcelona is the best place for it, but it's either that or imploding at Christmas, and I did that last year after an operation which left me open to infection and what felt like food poisoning - only without the pleasure of food beforehand. I'd rather chill out for a bit and gear up for January. Now that's going to be exciting - more business than ever and hopefully a new member of staff - hooray, half the number of back breaking plane trips, half as many support calls and only one salesman to deal with each.

What's the betting it doesn't work out like that?

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