Thursday, 3 May 2007

Me, me, me.

I'm feeling pretty smug today, not for the obvious reasons (tall, good looking, own teeth, etc.) but for a couple of pieces of feedback I've had. One from Mike Rothman here and the article I referred to here finally got printed here in its original form, and again here! Must have been a slow news day.

First of all, I thought Mike had forgotten about me, and I was feeling a little disappointed because I am genuinely in awe of "The Pragmatic CSO". I've never had such a strong feeling of "I wish I'd thought of that" before. Now he's got back to me AND said that I've got some good ideas, I'm kind of excited, especially considering he must be an extremely busy man.

Second, I thought the old InfoSec articles got chucked out with the stand flair at the end of the show, so I was really surprised when the Business Development director at Kinamik told me I was in print.

I checked with the palace, and apparently my knighthood is in the post.

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