Sunday, 27 May 2007

I need help!

I've never tried this before, so I don't know how or if it will work. Very simply, I've got so much work on at the moment that I need someone to give me a hand. You might have noticed that I've been blogging less of late. I just haven't had the time or energy in the evenings.

We've got a load of projects on at Kinamik at the moment, and I'm being torn between drumming up business and keeping the day to day PM stuff running. It mainly looks after itself because the technical team are superb, but there's a load of new input that's needed which I just don't have the time for.

We've put ads out in the usual places asking for someone, but so far the response has turned up no-one useful. So briefly speaking, what am I looking for?

1. You need to live in or be able to commute to Barcelona daily, as that's where the job is. We had 2 people from Canada apply last week...
2. You need to be interested in IT, security, and new technology.
3. You need to be prepared to do research and analysis of established products for me, and create some product related marketing material.

Preferably you will have some business skills and know a little about PKI too, it would help.
Oh, and you must speak English, otherwise we're going to have trouble communicating... and essentially that's what this job is all about.

It will be a fun role, which will lead to a high profile in the industry and is potentially very rewarding. We're going places, and anyone who joins now will be coming with us. We will do an initial 3 month contract, so it can suit someone studying for an MBA or suchlike, and then if you're what we want, we'll ask you to stay or come back after studies finish. Essentially, we're very flexible, and an enthusiastic personality is more important than a list of qualifications.

If you're interested, or know someone that you think might be able to fill this, please drop me a line and I'll call you. You can either answer this post, or if you are more cunning and manage to find my work address, reach me there.

Thanks, normal service will resume shortly. As soon as I find someone to take the load off.

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