Friday, 25 May 2007

Blog 'til I die

It's been a while since I posted regularly because I've been traveling a lot recently, I was also in hiding. Jon Robinson asked me to write some more stuff about frameworks and security models. I should have kept my bloody mouth shut. :)

I will write more on Bell-LaPadula, Biba and Clark-Wilson over the weekend if I get time (the in-laws are approaching as I write, so I may not). It can be quite dry and to tell the truth not the most enjoyable part of IT security, unless your name is Bell, LaPadula, Biba, Clark or Wilson.

Read Jon's blog. Not only is he clever and well informed in security, he uses a lot of economic theory which makes his blog really interesting, he's like his own little analyst community. I was going to set up a data-centric security blog (and indeed I did, but don't use it), like we do with PCI Answers, and invite a few people to contribute, but no-one told me how much time blogging takes up.

I'm sure the clock said 20:00, not 0:00 just 5 minutes back...

I'm sure my wife was here a moment ago...

When I die, there will be 2 things written on my tombstone: "Publish post" and "Save now".

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