Sunday, 27 May 2007

Google takes a shot at security.

So Google are entering the world of online security... and how do we feel about this?

1. Every time Google get involved in something, it improves. Search engines, advertising, maps, etc.

2. Google has a huge amount of money.

I have mixed feelings. Google will undoubtedly revolutionise the way malware can spread, stop it in its tracks, warn businesses before it gets to their networks, release patches in real-time, etc. There is also an argument that Google allows phishing, and needs to be fixed before it starts playing policeman. This is largely a moot point in an organisation this size, but it would be good for show. OK, so from a pure security standpoint, it should be A Good Thing.

Google will also undoubtedly sink money into other areas of security, and huge amounts of it. This is something which could ruin it for me. I enjoy working in startups. I enjoy working in Europe. I enjoy having a unique view of the security market, and access to businesses on both sides of the pond. Google could severely dilute this for me. So from a personal standpoint, this might be A Bad Thing.

On the other hand, Google will need to consider the future too, it's what they're good at. Security is converging and changing, the web itself it becoming semantic. The next few years will see a shift towards data-centric operations, and they may well need to look at the things we are doing.

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