Friday, 13 April 2007

Ye Olde InfoSecce

I wrote an article for the InfoSec show programme this year, and no, it didn't get printed. Apart from the fact that I write gibberish, I wondered what kind of thing I should be writing to get published. I can't say I was impressed, or surprised. Not to belittle the efforts of those who did get printed, they are very smart people with very high profile jobs, but it's just not new and exciting anymore. I remember the days when SafeNet didn't have to offer £25,000 "incentives" to visit their stand, there were no dancing girls on the booths, just engineers in grey suits. Well, some things aren't so bad I suppose.

Reading through my show programme I have a strange sense of deja vu. Everything I'm reading today, I've read before somewhere. Possibly it was the same show programme last year, possibly it was the contributors own websites, but more likely I think it was amongst my brethren in the SBN. Except for one important factor, what I'm reading now seems like yesterday's news.

There are columns on Web 2.0 "The New Internet bring New Security challenges", I swear we did that 6 months ago. I've been blogging about Web 3.0 for a week now. "UTMs or point solutions", that's just a Hoff v. Shimmy debate isn't it? "The rise of the data breach" made me laugh, I'm sure I've been telling people this for AT LEAST 4 years - since I worked for Vormetric.

Maybe it's because I'm blessed to have worked with Americans, so get to see the trends coming before they hit our shores, maybe it's because I read stuff, maybe it's because I've worked in the channel for many years. Whatever the case, I'm kicking myself for writing an article about data integrity for a market which is still getting to grips with PGP encryption.

Still, at least I get to see my buddies in the UK again. And the dancing girls.

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