Monday, 2 April 2007

Here comes Cobia...

An email arrived in my inbox overnight (I'm over in the UK at present) from Mitchell Ashley over at StillSecure. "I’m launching the UNP product, called Cobia, tomorrow and I wanted to give you an early heads up."

Oh, it's as simple as that is it? You know, I'm a product manager, the Director of Product Management in fact (the capital letters make all the difference), and I could never be that cool on release day. Either Mitchell is secretly crapping himself and hasn't slept all night, or he really is a cool customer who knows he's got a good thing going with Cobia.

For those of you who haven't read the various postings on UNP over the last month or so, where the hell have you been? Even those that dislike UNP still like the ideas behind it, (and the debate seems to be a little bit confused between argument and agreement in places as a result). I'm pretty certain it's where the market is heading and where a significant improvement in the industry as a whole can be made.

Even so, Mitchell, you might sound just a little bit worried...

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