Thursday, 26 April 2007

And on the last day...

...he rested and saw that it was good. Yep, OK, I enjoyed it. InfoSec was a roaring success for me in fact, and I had people actually come up and tell me they'd read my blog. Even some quite clever people. Igor Drokov over at Security x.0 stopped to talk to me for quite a while and I felt humbled in the presence of such a large brain. Those Cambridge guys are pretty amazing.

I also met with every other vendor under the sun, pressed some flesh with the distis and resellers, saw some great new technologies, looked at some girls in short skirts and talked a hell of a lot. What more could a man ask for?

Well, I'll tell you what. I came home to find a newly delivered mail from my newest American buddy, Mike, over at PCI Compliance Demystified, from a geezer in the US wanting to write an article on PCI. So I've given him some stats and expect to see my name up in lights soon. I'll let you know where it appears, as it seems I have quite the fanbase now.

I expect to see that decrease now I've said that of course.


Igor Drokov said...

Rob, it was great to meet you too and thanks for sharing your experiences. If you're talking about Cambridge large brains :) you should check out these guys: Light Blue Touchpaper - it's Computer Lab Security Group's blog and they do a lot of really clever things :)

Rob said...

Yeah, I have 2 subscriptions in my browser currently, SBN and Light Blue Touchpaper. I've even posted a comment at:( on a bit of stuff on PCI there.
Thanks for visiting again! Stay in touch.

Rob said...

I've since found out that this geezer is actually a lady. Terribly sorry about that Tam!