Wednesday, 25 April 2007

On the Second Day...

...I could barely get out of bed. It was only the thought of seeing all my chums again that willed me in today. Good God my back aches. I remember standing up at these things in days gone by and not needing to sit down every time someone came to talk to me. Mind you, all this was fields then... I digress.

So I went to see Secerno today, and their stuff really does seem to be as awesome as I thought, didn't get around to Centrify, but spent a good 40 minutes at the AppGate stand. This stuff is seriously good by the looks of things. A mature "deperimeterisation" technology they call it. I'm not 100% convinced of this yet, but they are heading in the right direction better than anyone else I've seen. Maybe I will expand on this at a later date. Depends if they want to partner or not I suppose... :) The power of blog.

In other news today: I had an email from my old friend Owen at QinetiQ (which is still a bloody silly name), and he actually had a bit of a rant. He agreed with all things blog, said that I was looking at the right technology at InfoSec, etc. but pointed out that I was wrong about firewalls and that some of them (the layer 7 application kind) are OK. Gah, rubbish! Firewalls are satan's (network) device and should be banned. Deperimeterisation is the way forwards, data-centric security will rule the earth as the Semantic Web takes it's hold over mankind, and I will be your natural leader. OK, this might not happen for another 20 years, but I'm certain that it will one day. They laughed at Einstein you know.

That is to say: my blog = my rules. :p


Anonymous said...

Hehe...I'll give up as you own the blog :) I agree with one thing though, it is a stupid name for a company but people in glass houses and all that! Enjoy the rest if Infosec mate.

Rob said...

What do you mean? Kinamik is nothing like QinetiQ... :)