Sunday, 29 April 2007

A Spanjaard in the Works

Over on PCI Answers I've been talking about Henk Jan Spanjaard at Decru today. I met him at InfoSec last week, and he was a genuinely nice, friendly guy. I've never met a Dutchman I didn't like, must be something in the air :) I asked him why he hadn't tried to poach me from Vormetric and he said "because I didn't know where you were!" Which is at least diplomatic.

Then, whilst searching for a quote about European disclosure I also came across this little gem from HJS:

"Bedrijven moeten zich afvragen hoeveel zin firewalls hebben als de opgeslagen data niet beveiligd is. Ze doen de deuren op slot, maar laten de ramen open. Op deze manier lopen bedrijven onnodige risico’s op het gebied van security", zegt Henk Jan Spanjaard van Decru.

I don't speak Dutch, I just love the way it sounds. Loosely translated this means: "Companies must wonder how much intelligence firewalls have themselves as stored data is not protected. They lock the doors, but leave the windows open. This way companies are in danger of unnecessary risks", says Henk Jan Spanjaard from Decru.

This is exactly my point about firewalls, neatly explained in a few lines. I think I'm going to start saying it in Dutch.

Maybe I'll make more sense?

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