Monday, 23 June 2008

Data Integrity is important, now official!

I'm a big fan of the Jericho Forum, it was set up by a bunch of visionary Brits for a start, they have never listened to criticisms from the cynics, and kept their stance broadly the same since inception. Many of the cynics have now come around to their way of thinking, "actually, it was only getting rid of firewalls I objected to, de-perimeterisation is a good idea"-type responses abound. And that's from the clever ones.

I first met Andrew Yeomans from JF about 5 years ago, with a considerably flatter stomach and more hair (me that is, Andrew hasn't aged a day). I was extremely flattered to get a comment from him on a recent post, and a subsequent email to say that he regularly reads these posts. I'd better write something sensible then.

My attention has today been brought to the comments of another Jericho director, founder and all round security Titan, David Lacey. I've never met David, but you can't really move far in the UK Security arena without hearing the name, especially not in data-security. I was beaming from ear to ear then, when I heard this.

What's that? Data integrity will be the next threat? So, I'm NOT mad? Maybe just a little early to the game when I said it last year? Once again, a prediction came true, and far earlier than I thought. I'm hoping this is going to build from here. Obviously no-one is going to listen to my little voice, but with DL saying it, I think some people may start to sit up and pay attention.

Of course, I hope he will take a look at my old chums at Kinamik, he already has some pretty big fans there out in Barcelona. And if he's reading, David, if you fancy a quick break in Spain, I know some people who would happily put you up!

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