Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Another blog contest

I'm busy writing a presentation about data security, no surprises there, when I decide to check my mails and see the old Google alert for "Rob Newby" (don't tell me you don't do it too). Imagining it to be about the other Rob Newby, Tory councillor for Topsham in Exeter, who often does the rounds, I almost ignored it. However, it was for me this time (imagine how pissed off other Rob must be about all his IT security alerts!).

As well as my fellow Euro-Securo Kai, writing about the new Black Hat Bloggers Network, there was one from the Computer Weekly magazine. Apparently I have been nominated in a blog competition. I wonder if that was down to Kai too, or if they were just thin on the ground and needed to fluff it up a bit?

In fact I think it's probably because I've written a couple of articles for them recently and they probably like me because I do it as a hobby, not for work. Something I have noticed though - it specifically says "Help us to identify the best IT blogs in the UK in the IT Security category." Then it lists Bruce Schneier, Richard Bejtlich and Anton Chuvakin! Much as I respect and love them all, especially Anton, who I met at RSA recently, they're not from the UK, nor do I suppose they want to be.

Besides, they're all better at security AND writing, so it's really not fair.

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