Tuesday, 3 June 2008

BAA tackles security... BAA style.

*** this story has been altered due to Rich pointing out that I was flogging the wrong dead horse, sorry British Airways, you are of course infallible...***

You may already know that BAA are a pretty useless bunch. If you've read my recent exploits in San Francisco, you'll know that they can't get luggage to the same destination as their passengers.

It comes as no surprise then that they will throw someone off a plane for wearing a Transformers t-shirt. I say "it comes and no surprise", but it's the same sort of "comes as no surprise" as finding yourself under arrest for shopping because the police saw you in a shop, and realised you were prone to shoplifting.

Come on BAA, you're already a laughing stock. You look like complete idiots already, don't let's make it any worse. Oh, too late.

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