Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Too late for the bandwagon?

How's this for a snappy title to a tech article?
Websense Unveils First Internet Security "HoneyGrid" to Discover and Classify Web 2.0 Content and Help Businesses Safeguard Essential Data
Woo, I want to read more. Sadly it's overblown posturing.

Actually, if you can wade through the unbelievable bits, the FUD, the dissing of competitors and then some general tripe, then this sounds like a good idea. Just not for the reasons they think.

I wonder if they'll actually get it to work? If they really can 'classify the web', and I intend to do some thorough questioning at RSA to this effect, they are surely on to a winner. However, if this is just hopeful arrogant marketing, then they could end up looking a bit sad.

Let's hope it works, eh?

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