Saturday, 29 March 2008

More great news.

I'm sitting in my lounge at 4:15am, writing this for something to pass the time whilst a plumber fixes a burst pipe. I went out to play poker earlier and did pretty well, came home £130 up, but that will all go on the plumber's call out charge, and then some.

Google's full of news stories about the credit crunch, recession, house price crashes, etc. "Rip-off Britain" being one of the more bandied about phrases. I'm expecting the plumber to charge me quite a lot, probably near on £300. It will hurt, especially as I will no longer have a permanent job at the end of the week.

The thing that strikes me about the economy is that if everyone just shut up with all the doom and gloom, it would probably be fine. It's fear that drives recession, not shortage of cash. I'm not particularly scared, so I will fork out my £300 to the red-eyed plumber for his valuable time. I hope it affords him a couple of cups of coffee (we didn't make him one - can't afford it). I am short of cash, and will be shorter in about 10 minutes. I still don't think that makes me stuck in a recession.

I think I must have smashed a mirror or walked under a ladder at some point, my luck has been pretty bad for the past few years - gambling I'm fine, but personally I have had some severe blows. Hopefully it was 7 years ago now, and soon things will start to improve. I'm not holding my breath though. Not until the water comes pouring through the ceiling anyway...

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