Thursday, 27 March 2008

Now what?

At some point in every man's life I'm sure they come to a cross-roads where each road seems equally inviting, only to stand around gormlessly, staring into the distance, first one way, then another, thinking real hard the whole time, but not actually moving.

Well, I've done that for about 6 months now, and today I'm even further in my hole. In a week Ingrian will be no more, SafeNet have made me an offer for consultancy which doesn't meet my baseline, so I have some choices:
1. Take up another offer which has landed on my doorstep
2. Start up my own business
3. Look into another permanent opportunity which appeared in my mailbox this morning
4. Take a break and worry about income
All have their pros and cons of course, but I can't weigh them up anymore. I've been let down by so many sure things, and then again I've had so many good times with things I haven't expected. My crossroads is tangled and impermeable.

Offer 1 - Short term, may lead to permanent work, but also may lead to more consultancy in other positions. This would require some sales efforts on my part.
Offer 2 - Hard work, but ultimately rewarding. I'm pretty shattered after the last year to be honest, could use a break rather than more stress.
Offer 3 - Sounds really good, and through a guy who I count as a genuine friend despite our geographical separation. Again, I'm quite tired right now and need energy to run at a permie job.
Offer 4 - I have a wife to support and no other income except poker, which said wife will not allow me to take up full time.

I guess this is a nice position to be in. I've spoken to approximately 100 people today, each with various ideas and suggestions, some possible work coming up, permanent jobs here and there, future contracts, etc. Even the opportunity to go back to Barcelona has been discussed, but it is still too soon to leave my family, much as I miss the place.

I think maybe I'll pitch my tent at the crossroads and take a step back for a while. Any suggestions gratefully received however. Anyone got a good way of making decisions that doesn't involved coin tosses or witchcraft?

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