Wednesday, 1 August 2007

NOT going to BlackHat, DefCon

I can't bear it anymore. I'm stuck out on the Costa Brava, humidity rising, everyone's gone on holiday, and all I'm reading is "I'm going to BlackHat", "I'm speaking at DefCon", "I'm larging it up in a Vegas-stylee" (not sure anyone actually said this). Hmph.

I even had an email from Security Wire yesterday saying: "Black Hat 2007: Researchers highlight new database attack method". OK, I'm hooked, take me to the story. Tell me about the research, I wanna know. I want to hear the talk, look at the PowerPoint and revel in some secondhand security. Well, you follow the link, see what you can find out.

It says "blah blah Core Security, blah. Blah blah blah, record insertion, blah. Blah MySQL (?) blah. Blah TJX, etc..." Yawn. NOTHING about what they did, how they did it, or if it can ACTUALLY be used in real life, rather than in a lab. This smells like a publicity stunt for Core Security to me. Interesting to note that their latest board member is one Bob Steinkrauss, recent ex-CEO of DB security leaders and friends of mine, Ingrian Networks. I'm not saying anything more on this because I don't know the politics involved, but it caught my eye and I'm interested to see how Ingrian deals with the 'issue' they have highlighted.

Hang on a minute though, what's the name of Core's CTO? Ivan Arce? How are you pronouncing that? Don't you just want him to get together with Ivana Trump? Imagine the announcements at parties. Maybe this is English humour... I'll move on.

Back to the point/ramble, please please please will someone video, plagiarise, steal SOMETHING from BlackHat and DefCon, send me powerpoints, mpegs, presenters. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.

It's like being 5 again and not being able to go to the party because I have chicken pox (another stupid name). I'm sulking.

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