Monday, 13 August 2007

Compare and contrast - WSJ article is out

Well, it's not quite what I had in mind, but it's better than the last one: here is the article I've been waiting for, compare and contrast with my input here. She changed my password section, so there is no longer mixed case, and anyone using the password MICR0S0FT should be executed. But it doesn't really matter because she hasn't credited me with anything except "how to create shortcuts" at the end. The years of training and management were so worth it.

If I had to submit this much to get that much recognition, I'm wondering what Robert Lamm, mentioned at the beginning had to do. Oh, maybe I shouldn't think too hard about that, might put me off my breakfast.

Well, it's not the great apologetic article I hoped it would be, but it's not totally awful, I guess I should be pleasantly surprised as I was expecting to have to change my name and emigrate today.

Newsflash: Journalist prints article, life goes on as usual.

So I'm not going to get famous for that one, but maybe someone will have a stronger password, or be less stupid about using email on your network. You'll never know I suppose, but you may just have me to thank. You can take me out to dinner next time I see you. :)

Next time you see me in print will be over on Kai Roer's blog, which I'm looking forward to far more. He showed me a transcript yesterday of our interview with an introduction where he said that I "can make people tear their hair out of their head", which is picturesque if nothing else.

Apologies to those who I have made tear their hair out, especially Kai, who seems to have gone further than most. Sorry Kai, couldn't resist that one. :)

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