Friday, 3 August 2007

Bucking the trend

When everyone else is following a trend, I like to go against it, just to see what happens. It either makes me seem cool, or like a total idiot. That's not why I didn't go to BlackHat and DefCon, I would have if I could get there in any less than 12 hours and for under $1000. Instead I am going to have my own personal conference here in my office by reading everyone's blogs. I shall call it AssHat and I will only be inviting me. I may waive the entrance fee if I agree to speak.

Or at least that's what I had hoped to do. But, it seems that EVERYONE is going on about this dumb article over at the WSJ that some 20-year-old research assistant wrote on an economics page somewhere. Big deal. Yes, she's wrong, and yes I wrote her a shirty email telling her she was a "numb-nuts" when I read the original breaking of the news (by Alex over at, but why do we all need to keep repeating each other? Maybe that's why we're not getting anywhere. Let's have some more BlackCon/DefHat articles please, and please try writing some original stuff. I'm really bored here.

I scour SBN daily looking for nuggets of information which might lead me in the consensus market direction. I rely on you lot to inform and teach me where the market is likely to head. The US is miles ahead of Europe and a lot of the stuff on SBN is very useful/entertaining.

Telling me that a 20-year-old economist and creative writer knows jack about security 10 times doesn't have me dancing on my desktop. Hopefully she'll shut up now, so let's get back to the work at hand shall we?

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