Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Ambiron TrustWave acquires OneSec

This is very hot off the press. I have just had an excited message to say that OneSec, one of the leading QSAs in the UK, have been acquired by Ambiron TrustWave, one of the leading QSAs in the US. The deal has been sealed with a press release reading thus:
"CHICAGO AND LONDON (August 29, 2007) – AmbironTrustWave, a leading provider of data security and compliance management solutions worldwide, has acquired London-based One-SEC Ltd. (One-SEC), the leading provider of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance solutions for businesses and organizations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The deal is closed, and its terms will remain confidential."
The full document can be read here.

ATW have always been of special interest to me since I worked with Heather Mark at Vormetric, and more recently when I started contributing to PCI Answers with Mike Dahn. Mike was a top Ambiron consultant and Heather was the founder of a company acquired by Ambiron prior to the TrustWave takeover. They both did well out of the merger and now run a new consultancy together in the US, Aegenis, along with Heather's husband Chris, who I have yet to meet, but am assured is on equal footing in the brains stakes having held a senior security position at MasterCard. A pretty powerful bunch there... but this post is about ATW and OneSec.

OneSec I have met on several occasions, they are a great bunch of guys to hang out with at conferences. I've had several conversations about log integrity and whether they should be running with TripWire AND Kinamik, rather than just TripWire. Even when TripWire agreed that Kinamik did something different, OneSec were skeptical about the value-added. They know their business extremely well.

When I last spoke to Brooks Wallace at ATW, he revealed to me that they had their own technology, but he would look into it. That was the last I heard from them. Maybe it's time to pick up the phone again...

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