Monday, 9 July 2007

Nerd me up

Who needs expensive security devices when you've got free stuff? I've talked about the "cost of free" in previous posts, but as an ex-tech-head I like it when people bring out cool stuff. I REALLY like it when people bring out FREE cool stuff that I can try out.

I once tried, unsuccessfully, to build a WebTrends installation for a group of around 30 websites on a brand new dual core Xeon (this was when these babies were pretty new and hot). I got so frustrated that I ended up referring to it as "F*$%ing WebTrends" on a regular basis, and the name stuck in my old company until I left. It was something to do with the fact that it wasn't licensed for a dual core machine, but they also limited the amount of information I could process on a time basis, so during my trial period I regularly lost information pertaining to several high profile financial customers. Not the best thing to do.

I ended up throwing the commercial software away, and rebuilt, from scratch, on a lower spec box, an AWStats installation. It worked perfectly first time, and ran like a dream. 3 years later, that machine still serves the customers of my old company. My brother in law is now an administrator there, and tells me it is the one machine that never needs rebooting.

So, that's because I'm a genius, right? Well, partly. And because Linux is so very good when it works. So, when I was emailed by Ryan over at Guardian Digital tonight, telling me of their forthcoming release of EnGarde Linux, I was a) a bit concerned, and b) a little bit excited, then c) ultimately disappointed.

a) I was concerned because I just don't have time to install and review it, and I think it will be really worthwhile to do so, b) I was excited because I want to have a go, but c) I have a job and no spare dual core Xeon boxes lying around, so won't get the chance to do this. Hmph.

Sometimes I miss being a techie. Not often, but just this once I'd like to drop out and get my geek on. Anyone want to try it out for me and tell me how cool it is? I need a nerd injection.

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