Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Gone fishin'

Ahhh, holiday time at last. I feel like I've been working far too hard these past few months, and a break by Lake Maggiore in Italy is just the ticket. My brother-in-law, Nick, is getting married at the weekend however, so first I'm heading back to the UK with my wife.

You can tell I'm in holiday mood. Nothing security related here. I spent the afternoon re-writing one of the dreariest documents I have ever seen in my life. Written by foreigners, in very technical language, then translated from the rubbish into English-ish by me, and back into the bullshish by more foreigners. I don't even care if it made sense by the end.

So, the posts will be thin on the ground for a fortnight or so whilst I get back in with friends and family, chew the fat and talk the bollocks. Drop me a line if you think of anything amazing to tell me. If anyone has any more fabulous statistics like Walt Conway's, send 'em over.

In the meantime, I'm outta here. Arriverderci!

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