Friday, 27 July 2007

10 Things I Hate

Some things have been bugging me, which I want to get off my chest. In no particular order, and with no sense of venom, just resigned tiredness:

  1. My blog postings never show up in SBN until well after I've posted them, even after I repeatedly ping my feed. Why?
  2. If I read one more blog which starts "So..." I will scream. In fact I just have, so "Aaaaargh!"
  3. My neighbours are loud and wear big clumpy shoes.
  4. Barcelona is really hot and I STILL don't have aircon in my bedroom.
  5. Trying to make a Spanish engineer work faster is impossible. I live 2 roads up from the Sagrada Familia. They started building it over 100 years ago, and STILL haven't finished. Like my aircon.
  6. It's my wife's birthday next Saturday and I can't think of anything to get her. Then it's our 1st wedding anniversary at the end of the month, so I will have to get some night work...
  7. Barcelona is officially closed for the summer. Everyone's gone away, all the shops are shutting, prices have gone up for the tourists, and...
  8. ...the bloody street performers have come out. If I have one more accordion player come and play a medley of Dire Straits/Beethoven/The Birdie Song at me while I eat my lunch, I will stab his offending organ with my steak knife.
  9. Same goes for the guitar player.
  10. And the bloke with the violin.
On the upside, I received some money last week, and again today, from the Techdirt Insight Community. To cut a long story short, bloggers can sign up and answer questions, kind of like online consultancy. If your input is picked as being the best, you win a prize. Of money.

If you haven't seen or heard of it yet, go take a look, you might just earn something.

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