Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Vote for me

Another teenager was attacked yesterday in the UK, a 'frenzied knife attack' at least did not kill the teenager who was left with 30 stab wounds on her way home from school. We've had shootings this year in London and Liverpool, our capital and 'city of culture' (if you've ever been to Liverpool you'll know why this is in quotes). I moved to Spain last year because I was at the end of my tether with a) the UK government and b) the appalling mess the country is in in general [and c) the weather].

It didn't take long for me to realise that actually what I hated was the fact that:

a) the government has no control over what happens any more, they are wet and stepped on, having to contend with junior ministers leaving their laptops on the back seat of their cars in the middle of Birmingham,
b) people think it is acceptable to intrude on one another's lives without invitation, sex, drugs and violence are glamourised to the point of worship, and there is no control of the media it creates such wealth for the country and... er, the government which it controls,
c) the weather has always been shit here, it's just my mood that is black.

So it's down to me against the popular press I think. Well, if there's any room for a sardonic, self-righteous and pseudo-moralistic blogger to take the place of badly written, brightly coloured, in your f-ing face, judgmental rabble rousing, then I'm obviously your man. I expect to see the Daily Mail readership go down in direct proportion to my blog readership going up.

You may think this has nothing to do with security, and indeed it is a little 'off-topic' but it's actually quite desperate over here. The only comfort I have is that as the stock markets crash through the floor, confidence in the government will be at an all time low, and next time round we might get a different newspaper, erm, I mean party, in charge. Trouble is, they're all hopeless.

So if the country is being run by the media, and I am now a (tiny) part of the media, surely I must be in with a shot. If I can just start influencing people to envy each other, starve to death for beauty, eat for comfort, shoot and kill for kicks and steal for survival, I'll at least be in line with current policy.

I'll let you know how I get on. It can only improve. I seem to remember one Anthony Blair releaseing his 'New Labour' party with the D:Ream song "Things can only get better" though. Maybe just hoping doesn't work.

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