Monday, 3 September 2007

Not as dangerous?

This "Who is sick?" site bothers me less than the stuff I mentioned in my earlier post, but it's still going to be abused. Nothing to do with paedophiles this time, but people who are a bit poorly, and therefore need some time off work.

Picture the scene if you will. Dave has been out for a drink after work, got carried away and had one too many. Dave wakes up the next morning with a blinding hangover and decides to take the day off. Dave calls in sick and tells his boss he has "a headache, stomach ache and feels sick", which isn't a lie. Dave tells this story on numerous occasions, until his boss decides to check him out because he's a time-wasting slacker, and catches him on the booze.

Scenario 2, Dave wakes up feeling crappy and logs on to "Who is sick?", sees there is rabid lurgi in his area and phones in with the exact symptoms. "Take a week off Dave, don't come back un until you're fully recovered", says caring boss. I bet people will use this for exactly this. I would if I didn't live for my work!

I just watched an episode of NUMB3RS, that one where the scientist sets off 2 strains of Spanish flu in 2 different directions across LA, to see which is the deadliest so he can develop a cure and get rich. How much easier would it be for him if the victims called in their own data!? This is just encouraging mad scientists. OK, this isn't as persuasive as the paedophile post, but I'm on a Web2.0 rampage here. Expect to see more where this came from.

Web2.0 is like cloning and communism, a great idea in theory, but in practice it may be more dangerous than we could have possibly imagined. You have been warned.

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