Sunday, 23 September 2007


As Rich noted a couple of weeks back, I'm a Newby again. Today is my first (official) day with Ingrian Networks. I'm up at the break of day, which is how I prefer it after the fog has cleared, and have a few moments to reflect before a quick drive up the M3 in my shiny new car.

It feels like yesterday still that I was sitting in a top floor office in central Barcelona, sweating and swearing, trying to sell software. Already I'm back in the UK, back in my flat, and back to work in what seems like such a short time. I could use another 6 months holiday to be honest, but then I'd run out of money, my wife would leave me and the house would be repossessed, so on balance, I think I'm better off working. And what better way to fill my days than talking about something I love: encryption. Actually, Ingrian's portfolio is broader than just encryption, it is db and application security, data security (yipee!), key management and encryption. All of these words get me more excited than the average human is supposed to about such terms. All except one, which is a new departure for me. And about bloody time.

I am quite recent to application security, and whilst I follow Jeremiah Grossman, RSnake et al. as much as possible, it has always seemed like a different art to what I know. From today that's going to change, and I'm going to be cutting my teeth in public (if that doesn't sound too weird). I will be writing my learnings here and hopefully be put straight on a few things where needed. I'll keep on throwing the data stuff around too, but maybe I'll become a bit more rounded, and more technical, in the coming months as I settle in to my new role.

After that, the role will be evolving with me, the aim is for Ingrian in EMEA is to grow significantly in the coming year to 18 months, I will be heading up the technical/services side, with Jon (Shaw) heading up the Sales team across the region. I love the smell of business, especially a successful one, and this has all the hallmarks of being a great move for me. Watch this space, and hopefully there will be some meaningful security in here soon!

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