Monday, 17 September 2007

Jobs and cars

I'm waiting for a phone call and whiling away a few moments before I have to speak. My old company, Kinamik, are hiring a CTO and the recruitment agent wants to talk to me to get the lowdown on the business and the people. The right CTO there could be the difference between make or break, he will have to be good, whatever the market decides. I think that's what I'll say...

I start my new position next week, and have a very busy schedule already, visiting 4 customers next week, and 2 the following so far, plus a visit to our distributor (where I also used to work) and a reseller (where I didn't). So to get around to all of these people I had to go out and buy a car this weekend. I was looking at the BMW 535d Sport, because it has 2 inline turbos which means you get zero lag and will continue accelerating up to 155mph, more torque and higher bhp than the M5! But the one I was looking at got sold the day before I was going to see it. Bah! Humbug.

So instead, I settled for the 530d, not quite the same pull, but still a bit of a monster, and at £5k cheaper, I'm very happy with it. How nice it is to think and save in terms of pounds and pence again. It's black too, with slightly tinted windows so I look like a gangster, or a gangster rapper at least.

The job's all kicking off next week, but I'm off for my first meeting on Friday, followed by a long lunch and a trip to the gym in the evening to compensate for the guilt. I like to ease into work, but next week is going to be full on. I expect I'll start to talk about databases in my sleep soon, and it will certainly be interesting to get up to speed with application security again.

Moving around can be painful at times, but it gives you such a good overview of what's happening around the world and around the markets that it can be well worth it. Moving around in a big black beamer just makes you feel cool. At last. :)

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