Thursday, 2 July 2015

Kids 1 - InfoSec 0

My son broke one of his brother's toys this morning - they were growing crystals on paper (yeah, it's all science and engineering fun in this house) and Number 1 son knocked Number 2's crystals off. 2 is 4 years old and cried, hard. 1 is 5, and came running to me to explain what had happened, saying he was going to break his own crystals so 2 felt better. (Number 3 is 9 months and squealed with delight whilst vomiting on his chair.)

I spent a couple of minutes explaining to 2 that we could fix it by collecting up the crystals and starting again (yay, go science!) whilst 1 wailed and took himself upstairs for a self-administered beating of some sort (science may be lost on this prima donna).

When 1 came down, I explained carefully to him that breaking his own stuff wouldn't fix 2's. What does help is saying sorry and helping 2 to do something positive. My kids understood this. I fear that Information Security does not.

I hear criticism of other people every single day, someone isn't very good at xyz, they don't have the expertise, they are too junior. This year's InfoSec was closed to students not working in InfoSec because they are just too damn stupid to understand it (not really, made that last bit up). Dur.

I've resolved to be nice about someone, or to someone directly, every day. The more junior, or more misguided I've deemed them to be from initial judgement, the better. I hope I can make it last, against my cynical nature, perhaps my kids have taught me something after all...

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