Saturday, 31 January 2009

Epic Google fail

[This post is in honour of Walt Conway, who prodded me last night to ask why I haven't blogged since October. Has it really been that long? Thanks for noticing! Well, I'm still here, but have been asked ever so politely by my current employer to refrain from posting whilst under contract as their security is paramount, and I'd only end up giving something away...]

Today, as I search for my usual Saturday afternoon information, I note every site has been marked as unsafe for human consumption:

"This site may harm your computer."

...appears for every page which comes up in your search results. Following the link takes you to an interstitial page. I know this because it's prefixed in my address bar with:

I can't follow any link on this page to get to the page I want to (an IT distributor's website, run by friends of mine). Google are costing people business, although the people they usually cost business are possibly profiting from this major fubar.

Yup - today, for one day only, I'm going to check out Yahoo!