Friday, 21 September 2007

The Horns of Jericho

Hoff and Mogull, 2 people I admire very much, have been blethering on at each other about Jericho for what seems like weeks now. I gave up reading after the first "yeah, but..." to be honest, but tried to set a few things straight in an argument which was essentially about two sides of the same coin, and not really anything to do with the Forum itself, but the media coverage it gets. Like blaming Prince Charles (sad looking chap, big ears, married a horse) for being the Queen's son.

I received an email from Andrew Yeomans for my troubles, a more gentle and kind man you could not hope to meet. He sounds incredibly busy, and was bemused as to what all the fuss was about. So on behalf of Andrew et al. who don't have as much free time as me:

The Jericho Forum has been around for donkey's years (I don't have exact figures, but consider the average age of a donkey, and they're about that old). When it was first set up, everyone said "ha ha, that's crap, it'll never catch on" and compared them to Chicken Little. Some years later (i.e. now) everyone is saying "ha ha, everything they're saying is obvious", or "ha ha, they're saying it wrong".

I'm not going to pull out the old cliche about laughing at Christopher Columbus or Edison (or is that a song...?), but really, look at what you're saying, and consider why you're saying it guys! Personally, I've backed the JF stance since I first heard it from Andrew's own lips 7 years ago, before he was on the management board. As a movement it has it's own momentum, and the people who are part of it's management team are merely sticking to their guns. They are all hugely respected security officers in their own rights. That the message hasn't changed should be admirable, not risible. It means they got it right first time. That it is only a set of guiding principles is GOOD in my opinion. That the media reacts with FUD is no concern of the JF.

Bloody foreigners.

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