Thursday, 27 December 2007

Happy New Year?

If I told you what a brutal year I've had no-one would actually want to read what I write about. Just to cap it off, my Mum's house was burgled last night. After nearly 30 years of complete safety, someone forced a back window just to run off with a few bits of jewellery worth no more than a couple of hundred quid on the black market.

I moved into that house aged 3, just as it was being finished off, we've known everyone in the drive since then, my mother is leading light in the local community, a member of the parish church, local WI treasurer, ex-secretary of the village fete, etc. My father and sister both died in that house, which makes it a tragic place as well as a happy place for my mother, but one she would never choose to leave for either reason.

And now she can't sleep at night because some bastard needed a fix, or couldn't be bothered to work for a living, or something equally bland and banal. Criminals are worthless, brainless scum, whether in the real world or the virtual world. What may seem like a harmless act for one can ruin someone else's life.

To the criminals, I vow to track you all down and destroy you, one by one, like Dirty Harry. Make my day. To the security guys, I will be supporting you, now and always.

Just for once, I'd like to have a happy new year. I wish the same to all of you.

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