Sunday, 14 October 2007

I've got a little behind

OK, it's a cheap headline, but I wanted to see this come up in the SBN feed and it made you read this didn't it?

Suffice to say:
  1. Business is booming like I had never believed it could
  2. I've won a trip to the RSA Conference in San Fran next year for a piece I wrote on ZDNet
  3. The ISC2 have asked me to write some stuff for Computer Weekly, the first of which I've just zipped off to the editor
  4. I'm starting another blog over on WordPress concentrating on datacentric security ( if you haven't guessed!), and hoping to get some really interesting people involved (if you're an interesting person, do drop me a line if you want to get involved)
All of which means I've got no time to write about security... sorry.

(If you're one of the many people I've promised a phone call, email or date in the diary, I apologise profusely - call me if you see me online and give me hell.)

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