Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Help put the record straight

I have no idea who reads my blog, if anyone. But there are at least 250 who regularly tune in, and drop right back out again throughout the day and the globe. I hope beyond all reasonable hope that some of you are wise old CISOs with a keen interest in helping the wider community, or at least me.

You may remember this article where I pulled apart a recent vendor survey. Always satisfying, and no-one really has much sympathy for vendors, I should know, I've worked for them for years, and it really does take its toll. Anyway, I guess I got all my vitriol out... and got a reply from their marketing manager. I did this last year with another blogger, and spent several hours apologising and putting the record straight, so this time I just kind of whimpered and ran away.

However, this marketing manager, who I will call David, because that's his name, was very kind, very pleasant and quite persistent in getting my help. The result was that I said I'd help out if we could make the PCI survey a bit more focused, less vendor-y and more like something I could shove up on my blog.

Here it is - please read and fill in, it will help us sort out exactly what IS going on with PCI right now. And if it's statistically insignificant, we'll have another go.

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