Sunday, 25 March 2007

Can we license data? - part II

The issue is that people will still want to steal data if it's licensed or not, my wife just gave me the example of someone stealing the blueprints to a new BMW car (I was actually involved in encrypting the blueprints for the new 6-series in Munich because someone had stolen a part of them, but that's another story). If it was licensed, people would still want to steal it, change it slightly and then produce a new car that drove well and looked good, but wasn't a BMW. The problem here is identifying where the value lies in the data and how you would license it.

If you can prove that various parts are the same, you can charge for breach of copyright, and therefore could license in our data sharing model.

I've heard of technology which will analyse databases of information and tell you if the data has the same patterns in it. They are currently using it to detect picture spam, i.e. delta changes in emails and pictures attached can fool anti-spam because of weak rules, but not with this thing attached, which seems like a waste to me. They are also doing trials with some sort of medical research which is more valuable.

If we could prove that the car was essentially 90% BMW we could charge for the license...

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